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Here you will find answers to pertinent questions.

What is the point of this tool?

This tool functions as a dictionary, a pronunciation (karaoke) guide, and a click-to-use sentence builder. It allows anyone to write in Thai, specifically, in the absence of a Thai keyboard. It is, admittedly, much easier to use from a computer.

I do not speak Thai. Can I use this tool?

Sort of. This tool operates under the assumption that you know how to formulate a Thai sentence. You can use this tool to pick & choose your desired words - but the resulting sentence may not make perfect sense - in Thai.

What kinds of words are available?

Hopefully, all (or nearly all) basic & high-frequency Thai words will eventually be included. Special consideration is given to words used for introductions, making plans, and anything to do with love + dating. <3

I need to use certain word(s) and you do not have them!

Feel free to contact me, and let me know!